We want you to be part of our pre launch!

During this stage you can access Shuttle during its final development. As soon as we have a stable version for you, we will send an email with the links to download Shuttle in macOS, Windows or Linux.

You must bear in mind that the beta version before the stable and official release is FREE and nobody can charge you for its use. You may see pages with prices and subscriptions but we will not apply this yet. When the official launch is made, users who were in the beta will get free subscription time yet to be defined.
What do we ask in return? We need your help to find errors in Shuttle, as well as to provide us with new ideas to give more features to the final product.

Remember that:

This app is still in development (beta) and as such can change in non-backwards compatible ways without notice.
You will find issues and inconsistencies, please share any that you might find.
You won't be charged when using Shuttle while it is in this beta state.

You must be over 13 years of age to use Shuttle

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We need your operating system to know which link to send you
We would love to know who will be using Shuttle, add your company's or organization's website
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